The Senior Retail Manager manages the total operation of their assigned stores and supervises each store and their employees. The Senior Retail Manager is responsible for the hiring, training and development of their employees. They will generate sales through their team, perform outstanding customer service and maximize profits by controlling expenses. Other duties include but are not limited to: development of Retail Manager and Retail Artist in management responsibilities and protecting company assets. The Senior Retail Manager must develop strong working relationships with retail partner management, AT&D of their region and head office support departments. 


1. Ensures Customer Growth

Sales Performance
▪ Create and maintain an atmosphere geared to achieving sales and profit goals.
▪ Analyze and review goal attainment and develop strategies to improve performance.
▪ Ensure Net Sales performance and maintain customer inventory levels.
Customer Service
▪ Ensure staff delivers consistent, excellent service in accordance with our standards.
▪ Resolve Customer issues and requests in an efficient and quick manner.

2. Manages Operational Effectiveness
▪ Determine and communicate individual and team sales goals and hold staff accountable for results in accordance with the companys business practices.
▪ Maintain a communication system for the store including frequent store visits to ensure all staff review current initiatives and direction.
▪ Hold regular, productive staff meetings with AT&D present.
▪ Control expenses within budget guidelines.
▪ Ensure timely sell-in of all programs according to marketing calendar.
▪ Execute new launch displays and collateral placement according to guidelines.
▪ Ensure Purchase Orders are planned, approved and submitted in timely manner.
▪ Manage monthly retail sales and inventory reports.

▪ Follow and implement all visual presentation standards and merchandising guidelines.
▪ Maintains clean, neat and well-lit counters according to store design parameters and guidelines.
▪ Implement Suggested Retail Pricing guidelines.
▪ Oversee all planning details for events.
▪ Manage cash loss prevention, security and anti-diversion policies with all counters.

3. Improves Business Processes
▪ Advises MRO/RSD of competitive actions and actively participates in discussions on business development/improvement opportunities.

4. Leads and Develops People
▪ Ensure staff is trained in service and artistic skills as established by the company.
▪ Maintain a cohesive, cooperative work environment through team building and motivation.
▪ Manage time, establish priorities and delegate effectively to meet goals and objectives.
▪ Recruit, hire and develop top Artist and management professionals, maintaining an active candidate pool.
▪ Administer all training programs for selling skills, customer service, products and operations.
▪ Conduct monthly coaching sessions to communicate objectives, set goals and follow up on progress according to the companys business programs.
▪ Perform thorough and timely staff reviews and initiate increases, promotions, disciplinary action and terminations with Regional Sales Director and Human Resources approval.
▪ Adhering to and setting the example for Brand policies regarding customer service expectations, image and dress code and professional standards.


1. Education 

▪ Univ. graduated 

2. Work Experience 

▪Five years retail experience, cosmetics preferred, one-two years' management experience required. 

3. Key Personal Characteristics 

▪Previous experience in cosmetics field preferred. Travel Retail environment experience a plus. 

▪Analytical/Interpretive Skills Ability to coach and motivate new and existing employees and customers, to function in a fast-paced environment, to embrace the companys corporate philosophy. 

▪Communication Skills Excellent communication, leadership and organizational skills. Comfortable managing and supervising people. Professional attitude and ability to be flexible and deal with change. 

4. Personal Characteristics 

▪ Displays integrity and builds trust Honors commitments. Takes responsibility for difficult decisions. Honest and behaves consistently with espoused values. Confronts unethical behavior. 

▪ Emotionally even Can manage emotions. Maintains calm and perspective in difficult situations 

▪ Self- confident Knows own strengths. Welcomes challenges. Willing to champion change even in the face of opposition 

▪ Optimistic Rolls with the punches, seeing an opportunity rather than a set back. Sees others positively, expecting the best of them 

5. Broad/Strategic thinker 

▪ Identifies the implication of macro trends for the business. Can identify potential problems and opportunities both in the short and long term. Is able to identify critical concerns and prioritize 

▪ Seeks continual learning and is open-minded Stays aware of macro trends (in industry, business, economy, society, polity and regulations) and all aspects of the companys business. Aggressively gathers information on a range of topics. Actively elicits different points of view and understands different perspectives

6. Strong communicator Clearly communicates expectations. Can relate to a range of people. Knows how and when to adapt communication style to audience and objective, e.g. when to be directive, and when to seek discussion and input 

▪ Persuasive and engaging Knows how to get buy-in and build a network of support. Finds ways to overcome opposition. Can negotiate skillfully, winning concessions without damaging relationships 

▪ Innovative Experiments with new concepts and approaches. Comes up with creative solutions to difficult problems 

7. Ambitious Sets high standards. Sets challenging yet attainable goals. Takes calculated risks. 

8. Works cooperatively with peers, management, subordinates and other departments 

9. Genuinely interested in developing others 

10. Makes others feel valued Listens attentively. Acknowledges the feelings, views and contributions of others. Encourages participation in decision-making 

11. Seeks personal improvement and adapts behavior to feedback and experience Open to exploring own limitations. Knows when to ask for help. Exhibits a sense of humor about own self, and gracefully welcomes constructive criticism

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