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[Purpose of Role]
- To analyse the data, especially BO&S data and provide analysis report
- To develop the optimized BO&S data management strategy in BO&S and steward integrated BO&S data, especially MCE (Multi-Channel Engagement: Customer data)

- Analyze performance based on system reports and ad-hoc analysis requested by the team (BIA)
- Answering requests of BIA to deep dive into one specific into a dedicated study with analytics tool
- Ensuring the creation of deep analytics and studies
- Examines large and varied BO&S data sets and develop the optimal data strategy in BO&S
- Manage & steward MCE data and develop the data integration for data analytics

• Language skill: English proficiency required (esp. Reading / Writing)

• Education: Over Bachelors degree in Statistics or Mathematics or Business Administration

• Experience & Knowledge:
- +3 years experience in Digital marketing or CRM (Customer Relationship Management) project with statistics tool
- Experience to lead the project to develop machine learning models and algorithms (preferred)
- Experienced using statistics to generate clear and effective recommendation
- Experience manage the data and/or develop data strategy which comes from different platforms

• Core competencies /skills:
- Realization of specific studies to help business decision making; Strong analytical and statistics skill: Excellent in either R program & Python or any statistical analysis tools / day-to-day use of Excel)
- Autonomy and proactivity
- Ease to write and speak clearly, to communicate complex ideas
- Good interpersonal and communication skills both written and verbal
- Curiosity and strong will to understand customers behaviours in order to draw some models