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You are the direct assistant to the CEO. You assist him in all his administrative and leadership tasks, such as organizing his schedule, and you can be called to substitute him on certain occasions. Depending on your capacities and motivation, the assistant position can turn into a leadership position after some time, such as Head of Operations.

- Directly assist the CEO
- Organize the CEO's schedule
- Take correspondance
- Take minutes during meetings, archives conversations
- Format information for internal and external communication – memos, emails, presentations, reports
- Prepare reports by collecting and analyzing information.
- Assist with the operations and the coordination of the teams
- Accompany the CEO in partner negotiations
- Represent the CEO both internally and externally
- Make travel and accommodation arrangements
- Organize internal and partner meetings

[근무부서 및 직급/직책]

    직급/직책: 사원

- Mediation and conflict management skills
- Wants to learn new skills
- Like challenges and leadership
- Excellent communicator & motivator
- Strong organizational, project management and problem-solving skills with impeccable multi-tasking abilities
- Outstanding organizational and time management skills
- Flexible
- Shows strict discretion and confidentiality
- Good MS office + Google suite knowledge
- Speaks English and/or French
- Interest in psychology a strong plus
- Likes to understand other cultures and points of views, open minded

- Native Korean speaker


경력사항: 신입, 경력()
학력사항: 학력무관


외국어: 영어 회화능통, 프랑스어 회화능통

1 명


  • 고용형태: 정규직(수습기간3개월)
  • 급여조건: 연봉 연봉범위

전형단계 및 제출서류

  • 전형단계: 서류전형 > 면접진행 > 최종심사 > 최종합격
  • 추가 제출서류
    이력서에 연락처, 희망연봉 기재
    제출한 서류는 일체 반환하지 않음
    이력서, 자기소개서
    서류전형, 면접전형
  • MBTI 결과 필수 제출 ( 


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  • 접수방법: 인크루트 채용시스템
  • 접수양식: 인크루트 이력서

기타 유의사항

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