Marketing Manager in LVMH

Fashion Group Korea

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[Job Description]

    We are looking for exceptional talent! Check out this job opportunity in LVMH Fashion Group Korea.

    Create and follow the criteria of the PR and Marketing Department, the brands global Marketing strategies and supervise the execution of these strategies and their assigned budget in order to achieve objectives concerning brand image, recognition and positioning in all markets as a means to increase sales.

    -Define, design and plan the Marketing strategy on a country-level together with General Manager and MarCom Director, according to the guidelines set by the PR& Marketing Department concerning the image to be transmitted or created in the different markets, in order to have the adequate tools and policies for these strategies. 

    -Gather market intelligence of other brands in all MarCom perspective; and able to create strong connection with local Marcomm vendors, such as KOL, Press and Media

    -Develop the media strategy together with General Manager and MarCom Director on a country-level scale for South Korea and achieve stronger impact through the campaigns with the assigned budget, positively affecting sales.

    -Develop and execute the local direct PR & marketing events and tools that are best adapted to and transmit the image the creative department strives to transmit, and supervise the execution of the creation of these tools to subsequently make the final decisions concerning their launching and, as such, align them with the PR & marketing strategy and concept

    -Negotiate and communicate with the different agents involved in the creation, development and execution of the campaigns and marketing and advertising tools in order to achieve profitable agreements.

    -Make sure the wise use of the departments budget, organizing the different groups according to communication or image strategies, maximizing the efficiency of resources and the brands profitability.

    -Develop the strategy for integration of the Museum and Cultural events into the PR & Marketing Plans in order to fully contribute to the desired image of the brand. 

[Job Requirements] 

-8-10 years of experience in luxury industry and positions in PR / Marketing / Event field; while at least 3-5 years managerial role. 

-Degree holder, prefer fashion, marketing, or business management major

-Strong business sense and comfortable in managing ambiguity

-Strong at planning, organizing, controlling, and prioritizing skill

-Excellent communication and presentation capability

-Efficiency in MS Office

[Additional Information] 

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  • ٹ : (Ⱓ)-3
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  • ܰ:  > 12 > ɻ > հ
  • ⼭:  ѱ̷¼, ̷¼, ѱ ڱҰ                                                                          ( հڿ ) ̸ (******@*******.***)
  • üǰ.ȥο., չڸз..õʽÿ䡱  
  • Please do not include any personal information on your physical condition and hometown/marital status/fortune and education/job/fortune of direct ancestor and descendant into application documents


  • : ũƮ äý, ̸
  • : ѱ̷¼, ̷¼, ѱ ڱҰ       

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  • ݵ MS Word ۼϱ ٶϴ.
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  • Ի 뿡 Ǹ Ի簡 ҵ ֽϴ.
  • Ÿ ǻ E-mail (******@*******.***) ǹٶϴ.

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