[׷ ] sales manager (߽ ٹ)

Sales Team  (븮~)


ֿ  Trailer Sales  Business Development()  Դϴ. (ξ )


Job Descriptions



















<Trailer Dept.>























Work closely with sales team to meet sales goals


Generate, process, and follow up new sales leads as necessary


Collect and provides any necessary information, data, or reports from and to sales team


Follow up with customers, vendors, and business partners for current and potential business

Supervise sales support team


Report to the management


<Business Development Team>


Forklift sales


Manage Tijuana/Rosarito area business






















5+ years of experience in sales and/or sales support






















Fluency in Spanish as well as either in Korean or English


Bachelor`s degree or higher


Proficient with computer skills such as email, MS Office bundle, etc.


Excellent communication skills (verbal, non-verbal, written, and electronic)


Teamwork valuing quality service, integrity, and dedication


Self-motivation, accountability, diligence, and attention to detail with discretion


Mexico, Tijuana ٹ  




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߽ Tijuana ٹ̰߽ڳ Ÿ ٹ ֽϴ.

𿡰 繫 ʿ 湮 ֽϴ.

ڷ߽ڿ о Ͽų Ȱ ִٰ  ѱ ͱ ߿ ٽ ߽ڷ ƿ ϴ е ̶ ϴ.

߽ working  äԴϴ.

׷ , ϸ ٹȯ Դϴ.

Tijuana繫ǿ 10  ٹ մϴ.



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