Job Description

HEDING, 새로운 채용 트랜드 공고공유 보상 플랫폼
헤딩(HEDING)은 공유 또는 직접지원으로 합격시 보상금을 지급하는 채용 플랫폼입니다. 헤딩 내 직접 지원으로 이직도 하고 보상금도 획득하세요!

*보상금은 합격자 50만원 / 지인 추천 시 추천자에게 50만원씩 지급됩니다.

- HRM is responsible for and in charge of employment recruiting including full time employees, interns and part-timers; - The position is to plan, develop and lead effective recruitment strategies and processes which meet business needs and support future growth; 

- To ensure all recruiting activities are consistent with organization’s policies, standards, values and business goals; 

- Analyze company’s manpower requirements in order to recommend on selection and development activities to meet those requirements; 

- Produce period and reports for new hires, turnover and resignation reasons and maintain manpower control report; 

- Maintain good relationships with key stakeholders of other departments as well as external contacts to University, government officials, labor, tax immigration and other competitors to be aware of any change of salary, welfare and benefits in the market and all companies related to hospitality activities;

Job Requirements

- Minimum 5~7 years of relevant experiences in HRM is required; 

- English fluency in both speaking & writing; 

- Strong documentation skills (MS Words, Excel, Power Point, etc); 

- Being a strong team player; 

- Strong and proven analytical skills & time management skills;

- Previous working experience in Hospitality industry is plus;  


헤딩(HEDING) 통해 직접 지원하고 보상금 받으세요