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Were not in the shipping business; were in the information business -Peter Rose, Expeditors Founder


As a Fortune 500 company, Expeditors employs more than 15,000 trained professionals in a worldwide network of over 300 locations across six continents. Expeditors satisfies the increasingly sophisticated needs of international trade through customized solutions and seamless, integrated information systems. Our services include the consolidation and forwarding of air or ocean freight, customs brokerage, vendor consolidation, cargo insurance, time-definite transportation, order management, warehousing, distribution and customized logistics solutions. Expeditors is headquartered in Seattle, Washington.



Job Description


Job Description

Develop, maintain, and manage Expeditors world-wide activity with one of our industry-leading, top global

customers to achieve optimum business retention and development. Ensure that customer's cross-functional

and geographical operational requirements are proactively identified and serviced. Act as the chief revenue

growth champion and orchestrator for global strategic business planning and execution by leveraging global

relationships, your industry knowledge, and Expeditors product, geo, and service leadership. Deliver world

class business reviews and workshops tailored to your customer that drive further collaboration between

Expeditors and the customer with a focus on value creation and cost reduction as measured through

business intelligence. Drive alignment and co-collaboration efforts in multiple geos to identify customers top

supply chain priorities and challenges. Work with Expeditors senior executives and product & geo

management to create value-add solutions that are timely and relevant to the customers ecosystem.

Increases Expeditors' revenues and profitability through providing enhanced valued-added service.


To create a unique Expeditors customer experience through total ownership of and accountability to:

- Understand global customers profile, needs and expectations.

- Retain existing business and continuous pursuit of global business development.

- Create a strategic and mutually beneficial relationship for Expeditors with the customer worldwide


- University or equivalent business qualifications

- Minimum 3 years industry experience

- Proven work experience in business development

- Proficient in MS Office and CRM software

- Strong presentation skills

- Proven project management skills

- Strong analytical skills

- Ability to perform and meet KPI requirements

- Proven problem solving and interpersonal skills

- Charismatic with an ability to connect


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