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District Sales 물류 영업사원 채용

Company Description

  • "We`re not in the shipping business; we`re in the information business" - Peter Rose, Expeditors Founder

  • As a Fortune 500 company, Expeditors employs more than 15,000 trained professionals in a worldwide network of over 300 locations across six continents. Expeditors satisfies the increasingly sophisticated needs of international trade through customized solutions and seamless, integrated information systems. Our services include the consolidation and forwarding of air or ocean freight, customs brokerage, vendor consolidation, cargo insurance, time-definite transportation, order management, warehousing, distribution and customized logistics solution. Expeditors is headquartered in Seattle, Washington.

Job Description

  • District Sales Executive (DSE) is on achieving results that are aligned with the overall organization and its strategic goals. Initiative, coupled with a sense of competitive drive, and the ability to stay focused on results despite changing conditions, are the keys to achieving the performance objectives of the District Sales Executive role at Expeditors.
  • The DSE orchestrates involvement of multiple people in our Sales process, so that new customer revenue is consistently secured for our district office and Expeditors network. The job environment is flexible, constantly changing, and provides growth opportunity, recognition and reward for the achievement of business results. This position reports to the District Sales Manager.
  • Expeditors is headquartered in Seattle, Washington.

Key Responsibilities

  • ㆍManage an assigned territory and demonstrate extensive knowledge of potential customers and competitors in this area
  • ㆍTimely data entry in our Customer Relationship Management tool
  • ㆍOrchestrate customer / branch relationships and collaborate with regional Product, Service, Geo, and Knowledge Management resources
  • ㆍParticipate in the creation of value-added solutions for customer`s logistics needs, including supporting diagrams and cost-benefit calculations
  • ㆍSupport the transition of new accounts through customer introduction, information transfer, and securing any necessary customer paperwork. When needed, support AR(accounts receivable) collection.
  • ㆍAttned training & development sessions to continue developing selling skills and updating Expeditors Product and Service knowledge
  • ㆍInvolvement in local trade groups, as directed by the District Sales Manager
  • ㆍTake on additional assignments as required, supporting company needs


  • ㆍBachleor`s degree from four-year college or university
  • ㆍMust posses a valid driver`s license and personal car
  • ㆍThe ability to meet with customers off-site on a regular basis
  • ㆍOral and written proficiency in the English language
  • ㆍStrong problem solving, organizational, and interpersonal skills
  • ㆍAbility to work productively both individually and in a team environment
  • ㆍSense of urgency for goal achievement
  • ㆍSelf-motivated with ability to work in a fast-paced and constantly changing environment
  • ㆍComfortable with regular data entry on a laptop computer
  • ㆍStrong rapport and relationship-building focused
  • ㆍEmpowered to make quick decisions in response to changing conditions
  • ㆍExtroverted, confident, enthusiastic and persuasive
  • ㆍInfluences others to action
  • ㆍTimeliness and accountability for results


  • ㆍ근무형태 : 정규직(수습기간 - 3개월)
  • ㆍ근무일시 : 주5일 근무 오전 9시~오후6시
  • ㆍ근무지역 : (48729) 부산 동구 중앙대로 314 한국부동산원 10층 익스피다이터스코리아(초량동)


      • ㆍ서류전형 > 1차 면접 > Predictive Index Survey(인적성) > 최종합격


  • ㆍ접수기간: 2021년 11월 19일 (금) ~ 채용시
  • ㆍ접수방법 : 인크루트 입사지원
  • ㆍ제출서류 : 국문+영문 이력서, 자기소개서


    • ㆍ입사지원 서류에 허위사실이 발견될 경우, 채용확정 이후라도 채용이 취소될 수 있습니다.
    • ㆍ취업지원 대상자(보훈대상, 국가유공자, 신체장애자)는 관련서류 제출시 관계법에 따라 우대합니다.
    • ㆍ전형 일정 및 절차는 회사 사정에 따라 변경될 수 있습니다.
    • ㆍ면접 및 진행사항은 서류합격자에 한하여 개별통지 합니다.
    • ㆍ병역필 또는 면제자, 해외여행에 결격사유가 없는 자.

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