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Position: Venue Sales Executive/ Venue Sales Manager


1. Venue & Client Relations
• Build and maintain relationship with venue and clients to ensure successful client relations and smooth running of all events
• Meet with venue staff and clients to arrange and plan upcoming functions to their specifications and to establish, confirm or revise their requirements
• Educate and advise clients and venue staff alike on the most appropriate audio visual equipment and the necessary crew to best meet their presentation needs and budget
• Provide equipment for venue training programs and meetings to the same standard as with clients
• Ensure collection of event orders and generate estimates where audio visual services are required
• Attend all venue meetings that are relevant to Company or deemed necessary by the venue eg. Banquet Sales meetings, Banquet Service meetings, Operational meetings, General Staff meetings, and Client meetings
• Maintain effective communication with ESM to ensure any issues or concerns are dealt with quickly
• Inform the appropriate people of any areas of concern so that problems with equipment, crew, venue staff or clients can be rectified in a timely manner
• Log all damage to Company and/or venue property and take appropriate action to mitigate loss
• Assist in other locations and venues as required
• Understand and adhere to the Venue Policies and Procedures

2. Sales
• Follow up on all leads for potential business
• Identify opportunities to increase the profitable revenue in applicable venue/s
• Identify sales opportunities and offer effective solutions to venue clients including the promotion of Company services and products
• Negotiate competitively against outside contractors quotes whilst maintaining the integrity of the original estimate
• Increase the success rate in confirming/closing sales in venues locally
• Attend Venue partners promotional events
• Attend and maximise sales leads at all industry and networking events

3. Financials
• Monitor and adhere to the venue group budget and EBITA
• Maximise profitable revenue and support ESM to achieve financial targets
• Control costs in relation to quoting for staff resources, consumables, equipment and repair and maintenance

4. Administration
• Fulfil administration requirements as per the venue manual

5. People Management & Leadership
• Act as a role model for team members
• Seek out opportunities for operational improvements
• Motivate the team to achieve their objectives
• Provide instruction and guidance around all quoted products and services.
• Monitor the morale of the team and take appropriate remedial action when required

6. Team Management
• Assist and be involved in regular performance reviews and provide feedback
• Encourage staff members to take responsibility for their own development
• Recognise the contribution of individuals
• Identify roadblocks that impact the performance of the individual or the team and resolve or escalate as appropriate

7. Self Management
• Work to the Companys policies and processes and procedures.
• Manage own work performance
• Participate in performance reviews
• Develop own capability for current and future roles
• Accept coaching and mentoring
• Cooperate with others to achieve the business outcomes

8. Workplace Health & Safety
• Maintain the safe and healthy conduct of anyone under your care (including visitors and
• Set an example to other employees by actively demonstrating and promoting safe work methods
• Ensure that the working conditions under your control are safe and that potential safety concerns/issues are promptly acted upon
• Accept accountability for reporting all incidents, injuries and near misses
• Advise your manager if you believe you are unable to meet your obligations for
OH&S due to time or resources restrictions
• Support the ESM to meet their obligations under the WH&S Policy


• Proven experience, in the Hospitality, Events or Production industry
• Proven Sales experience, preferably in the Hospitality or Events industry

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Contact point : Amy
If you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact me.
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