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Creative Intern

RIDI is a fast-growing market leader in the digital content space in South Korea. In November 2020, RIDI successfully launched Manta, a global subscription-based webcomics service, with the vision to inspire readers around the world to experience fascinating stories in the most accessible and enjoyable ways. Just in the first year of service, Manta reached an impressive milestone of over 3 million downloads and has become one of the fastest-growing players in the global market.

Video: Manta Goes to San Diego Comic-Con (in Korean)

- Blog: Introducing the Manta Team (in Korean)

​You will love this job if...

​- You believe in the power of great stories that will transcend the borders and bridge the world closer, and you get excited to be a part of this journey.

- You are eager to build your career as a marketer in the entertainment industry.

- You dream of working with passionate, talented colleagues in a fast-moving, start-up-like lean team, closely working with experts in product, content, and operations.

- You are an avid fan of webcomics and great stories.


The core of your job is to build sets of creatives that will generate paid subscriptions in scale and improve them through A/B testing. You will be part of the marketing creative pod, working across various titles Manta offers globally. This is a 6-month internship with the possibility of extension.

Creative development — The job is to extract the key hooks and narratives based upon the deep understanding of the titles and our audience and build robust creative suites (e.g. videos, images, digital, etc.) that will most effectively generate subscription conversions

A/B testing — You will conduct analyses through test-and-learn on why one creative performs better than the others and incorporate the learnings into the next creative development. 


Has less than 2 years of experience in videography and/or design; marketing/advertising background is a big plus.

Analytical mindset — You can comfortably come up with hypotheses and plan/conduct experiments to convert your assumptions into facts.

A great storyteller and a passionate fan of stories — You can enthusiastically articulate webcomics or films/series you like and why you like them.

Proficiency in AV editing tool(e.g. AE), Photoshop, and/or Figma

Adept at working across different functions in a fast-paced start-up environment, as a natural culture fit of Manta - refer to RIDI Code.

Fluent in English and Korean 

Required Application Materials

- Resume

- Portfolio - If your portfolio is too large to be uploaded, please include a file sharing link in your resume.

To Apply

- RIDI Career Page or


 "Rich Imagination & Deep Insight”

리디 주식회사는 2009년 리디북스로 서비스를 시작하여, 전자책, 웹툰·웹소설, 애니메이션, 아티클·뉴스 등 다양한 온라인 콘텐츠 서비스를 제공하는 ‘커넥티드 콘텐츠 기업’으로, 콘텐츠 경험의 연결을 만듭니다.

리디 Product

- 리디북스(ridibooks.com) : 국내 최초 및 전자책 서점 1위 서비스로, 폭넓은 분야의 풍성한 콘텐츠를 제공합니다.

- 만타 (manta.net) : 글로벌 웹툰 구독 서비스로, 이 세상 모든 재밌는 이야기를 오리지널 콘텐츠로 제작합니다. 

- 리디셀렉트(select.ridibooks.com) : 베스트셀러 및 엄선된 아티클을 무제한 감상할 수 있는 월정액 지식 콘텐츠 서비스입니다.

- 리디페이퍼(paper.ridibooks.com) : 리디에서 직접 개발한 최적의 휴대성과 독서 경험을 제공하는 전자책 단말기입니다.

리디 Newsroom

- 리디, 글로벌 웹툰 구독 서비스 ‘만타(Manta)’ 출시! : 클릭

- 리디, 웹툰 콘텐츠 매출액 2배 늘었다 : 클릭

- 리디, 2020년 상반기 역대 최대 실적 달성…’흑자전환’ : 클릭

- 리디, K웹툰 글로벌 시장 점령… 리디만타, 출시 3개월만에 2위 안착 : 클릭


- 근무지 : 서울시 강남구 삼성로 테헤란로 부근 (지하철 2호선 선릉역)


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