Team: Inspection Vision Team
Required skill : S/W Development Management, C ++ developer & Securing S/W Quality

1. Detailed job descriptions
   S/W Development Managing
- Analysis requirement and establish development plans   
  -  Management of development progress and risk management
    -  Report a progress and Communicate with headquater
    -Coaching of development to team member
   Securing S/W Quality
    -Managing CI(Continuous Integration) Tool (ex: Jenkins, Bamboo) and Add some special script to secure s/w quality
    -  Refactoring Source and Handling exceptions for potential risks (ex:  NULL point)
    -  Removing dead or duplicated code
    -  Checking any changing of results after developers had committed

2. Required skill & number of developers
   Must to have
    -  Fluent in English
    - 5+ years in C++ programming
    -Medium level of C++ programming to understand and fix existing codes
    - The experience of Agile Process
    -The experience of Jenkins(Continuous Integration)
    -  The experience of S/W Configuration Management (ex: SVN, Git)
    - 10+ years in Managing
    -  MS Office tool (PPT, Excel, Word)
   Nice to have
    -  Good in Korean
    -  the experience of GTest(Google Unit Test), GFlag(to check memory leak)
    - 2+ year in Python programming
    -  The experience of Jira or PMS (Issue Tracking)
    - Computer Vision & Image Processing