Lab Chemical Sales Representative

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1.     Develop the sales for bulk and research chemical capability for all life science & chemical industry, including related products.

2.     Execute business plan with strong sales acumen to grow Avantors chemical business through sales channels and end users.

3.     Execute new account development actions for the market as assigned by the manager/director.

4.     Has primary accountability and ownership for building strong end-customer relationships as well as sales channel partners.

5.     Take the responsibility to manage channel partners and customers for the chemicals business including third party logistic companies to provide the products on time to the end customer.

6.     Monitor the achievement of sales and receivables goals and develop improvement recommendations as needed.

7.     Ensure to build strong relationship with key customers & major distributors, and summarize market information and competitor information

8.     Communicate to appropriate areas for improvements in service offerings or new products.

9.     Ensure effective execution of customer facing business practice such as return goods policy, cross docking, terms and conditions and, credit and collection rules.

10.  Involve in the field forecast activities and its improvement.

11.  Supports new product and business development activities.

12.  Other duties as assigned with or without accommodations.



1.     Implement sales processes, understands customer technology and application processes, and work jointly with the other Sales, 

      R&T, Applications and Marketing to close major target account technology product opportunities.

2.     Maintain policies and procedures in accordance with Avantor standards and local regulations.

3.     Demonstrate effective employee relationships built on trust, teamwork and accountability.

4.     Other duties as assigned with or without accommodation.




        BS in chemistry, biotechnology, biochemistry or related technology fields required.



        At least Five(5) years of sales experience in life sciences industry.

        Minimum of Two(2) ~ Three(3) years of activities as a counterpart for diagnostic kit / solution manufacturers, and in chemical sales as handling bulk chemicals as well as 

        other items in laboratory oriented business.

        Sales experience with demonstrated ability to implement strategies 

     and strengthen organizations.



        High level of influencing and persuading skills and collaborative behavior.

        Ability to communicate clearly the intended message in formal and informal settings.

        Resilience and the ability to manage conflict.

        Ability to maintain good emotional control in difficult circumstances.

        Demonstrates a strong drive for results and project management skills.

        Ability to build relationships with other team members 

    and gain commitment toward stated goals.


Other Skills:

        Excellent communication skills in English, both written and verbal.

        Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite.



The Lab chemical sales representative works closely as a team member with Sales, Marketing, Product Management, Customer Service, Supply Chain, R&T, 

and Quality.  Other roles within Avantor that impact this role are Operations, Finance, Human Resources, Legal, and Strategic Development.


l  Builds multi-layered relationships with customers and distributors to encourage strategic alignment and to understand mutual interests.

l  Networks with industry trade groups to keep up-to-date on markets, customer activities, and new opportunities or threats.


The Lab chemical sales representative must also work with high level contacts at customers, distributors, suppliers, and professional groups. 

He or she reports directly to business manager for lab business in Korea.



This position is field based.  He/she must travel extensively plus work with high level contacts at customer locations and professional groups. 

Both domestic and international travel will be required on a regular basis.



The above statements are intended to describe the general nature and level of work being performed by employees assigned to this classification.  

They are not intended to be construed as an exhaustive list of all responsibilities, duties and skills required of employees assigned to this position.


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13,500 ̻ ϰ , 180 ̻ ġ 225,000 ַ մϴ.


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- ǽ: 4 17 ̽Ÿ1 2, 6

- ⵵ ν ﱸ 58 ICT SK V1 5

-â(3PL): ġ

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ټӿ ް, ؿܿ (3, 5, 10, 15)

ڻ 15% (ESPP)