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영상 적절성 평가자(Safety)



회사 소개

텔루스 인터내셔널 AI 데이터 솔루션 팀은 전세계 백만 명 이상의 언어 전문가 및 라벨러로 구성된 글로벌 AI 커뮤니티를 통해 기업의 인공지능 학습 모델을 평가하고 개선하는 일을 돕고 있습니다. 당사 AI 플랫폼은 500개 이상의 언어를 지원하고 텍스트, 이미지, 오디오, 비디오 등 모든 데이터 유형을 처리할 수 있으며, 이러한 확장성으로 최적화된 검색 결과, 정교한 음성 인식, 인간처럼 상호작용하는 로봇 등에 이르기까지, 다양한 분야에서 활용되는 인공지능 시스템의 성능을 크게 향상시킵니다.


What does the work involve?

You will be reviewing and evaluating online video search results to improve their content and quality. You will be required to provide feedback and analysis on video content found in search engine results and provide ratings ontheir relevance to the search terms used.A very important aspect of this role will involve reviewing and evaluating the video content of potential upsetting or offensive material to make internetbrowsing safer and more secure for all users. Through this work you will bemaking a valuable contribution by expressing your opinion on the quality andcontent of what is currently out there on the web and protecting users fromviewing unsuitable material.

Who is suitable for this work?

We are currently seeking dynamic and creative people who have a strong interest|in improving online search results and who are comfortable with viewing andworking on sensitive and adult content. Suitable candidates must have a familiarity withsocial media and Google products. You should also be flexible, reliable and have theability to interpret and follow established guidelines. You will have the flexibility and freedom to work from your own home, workingyour own hours. You will be expected to work a minimum of 10 hours and up to 20hours per week depending on task availability.

What are the main requirements for the role?

  • You must have full professional proficiency in written and verbal English & Korean
  • You must be living in Korea for the last 3 consecutive years
  • Gmail must be your primary email account
  • You must have familiarity with current and historical business, media, sport, news, social media and cultural affairs in Korea
  • Experience in use of web browsers and smartphone apps to navigate and interact with a variety of content
  • You must have an understanding of various social media environments and dynamics, including memes, virality, and other trends
  • Access to and use of a broadband internet connection and associated computer and software to perform the work.

  • Job Types: Part-time, Contract Salary: 18,500원 - 20,000원 per hour

  • Language:
    ● English (Required)
    ● Korean (Required)

Please apply to the the job from the link below