Netflix’s mission is to entertain the world by building the world’s leading streaming platform offering great films and series that push the boundaries of storytelling and delight members of all ages and tastes across the world. As we grow our business and teams, we look for people from a wide range of backgrounds to reflect the diversity of our members across the globe. It takes a diversity of lived experiences, cultures, backgrounds and perspectives to create a truly global entertainment company. While we value diversity within our teams, we also recognize that building an inclusive environment where all employees are expected, respected and reflected is of even greater importance - without inclusion, unlocking the true potential of diversity is impossible. 

At Netflix, all employees have a shared responsibility to build and nurture an inclusive culture - not just one person or team. We believe we must work from the inside out to create a place where top talent from all over the world can do the best work of their lives.

We are focused on delivering world class stories that audiences in South Korea, and around the world, will love. Netflix launched here in 2016, and our business has enjoyed tremendous growth since then - thanks to titles such as Squid Game and Extraordinary Attorney Woo to name a few. 

The Manager, Inclusion Strategy - Korea will operate with local autonomy as you work closely with local HR partners, while keeping highly aligned with regional and global Inclusion and HR strategies. You will be expected to establish yourself as a trusted subject matter expert who: offers local leaders thought-partnership regarding inclusive leadership practices; facilitates the learning and development of employees at all levels; supports the growth of employee resource groups (ERGs) as part of our larger global program; and, designs, implements and evaluates a business-centric, inclusion strategy guided by local nuance that helps drive the team forward in South Korea. 

“Diversity is being asked to the party; inclusion is being asked to dance” - Vernā Myers, Vice President of Global Inclusion Strategy, Netflix.

What you’ll do

  • Work in close partnership with the country HR leader and regional Inclusion leader to deliver meaningful results that contribute to our overall business driven by the Netflix Seoul Office;
  • Be an active member of a regional and global Inclusion Strategy team by participating in team meetings and initiatives, offering capabilities (e.g. communication, cross-cultural competence, project management, etc.), expertise (e.g. local legal environment pertaining to disability, etc.) and insights from a Korean lens to teams distributed around the world;
  • Be a strategic thought partner who supports both the Netflix Seoul Office and the global Inclusion Strategy team to nurture an inclusive workplace environment, by: Designing, implementing and evaluating an Inclusion strategy for the Netflix Seoul Office that addresses local needs and opportunities; Engaging, facilitating and coaching HR teams and business leaders on concepts and practices that promote workplace inclusion;  Partnering with Talent Management and global Inclusion Strategy teams to apply local nuance when customizing and rolling out our suite of centrally-designed initiatives; Advising cross-functional partners as we work to ensure that recruitment, hiring, development and promotion systems are equitable, especially for employees who come from historically underrepresented groups in the Korean talent market;
  • Develop and support employee resource groups (ERG) intended to address the needs of employees from historically underrepresented groups in the Republic of Korea, while keeping tightly aligned with regional and global ERG strategies;
  • Collaborate with cross-functional partners and external subject matter experts to provide strategic advisory to teams involved in content, production, publicity and other aspects of Netflix’s business;
  • Engage and network with external groups and organizations in the Republic of Korea to keep up to date on local trends and build partnerships that contribute to Netflix’s business goals.

What you’ll need

  • A passion for improving existing systems and practices - and building new ones;
  • Solid experience implementing inclusive workplace practices (or similar) and managing change within an organization. An industry track record of at least three years would be ideal;
  • Examples of successfully managed projects; 
  • Previous experience designing and implementing complex local, national and/or regional strategies would be an advantage;
  • Some experience giving senior leaders constructive feedback for development purposes and/or coaching leaders on business-centric, inclusive leadership practices that help to unlock the potential of diverse teams;
  • Strong curiosity, communication, influencing and collaboration skills;
  • High proficiency in Korean language is essential - including an ability to communicate complex concepts with clarity - e.g. privilege, unconscious bias, vulnerability and allyship;
  • Deep cultural knowledge about historically underrepresented groups in the Republic of Korea and has skills for improving the equity of an employer’s outreach, hiring, onboarding, development and promotion efforts;
  • Some basic knowledge of labor laws in the Republic of Korea would be an advantage;
  • Ability to collaborate effectively with colleagues/stakeholders who speak English would be an advantage.