TR Sales Coordinator

LVMH 그룹은 전 세계적으로 75개의 프레스티지 브랜드의
2,500개 이상의 매장을 운영하는 글로벌을 선도하는 1위 럭셔리 그룹입니다.
LVMH Perfumes & Cosmetics Korea (엘브이엠에치코스메틱스)는
LVMH 그룹의 화장품 계열 한국 지사로 1994년 공식적으로 설립되었으며
7개 브랜드의 1,200명 이상의 직원이 근무하고 있습니다.

디테일에 뛰어나고 우수한 성품을 가지신 모든 분들은
LVMH Perfumes & Cosmetics Korea 의 직원이 되실 수 있습니다.

Job Description (담당업무)

1.  SALES: 

- Send sales product order list

- Follow-up order and stock issue

- Order payment procedure follow-up

- Monthly sales result consolidation

- Feedback from market - Collect & report

- Daily, Weekly, Monthly sales report

- Set up Online promotion on monthly basis

2. Counter Supporting 

- Prepare promotion and events for necessary occasions

- Collect and manage BAs working schedule

- Recruit BAs and manage their daily work

- Settlement of BAs’ incentive and payroll of part-time job

3. Merchandising

- Counter stock control

- Counter equipment supply

- Prepare various POP

- Sample / Tester / GWP allocation

4. Administrative

- Collect Shipping invoices and report shipment errors to France for custom clearances (missing items/ over shipment/damaged goods)

- Make business review documents for necessary occasion

- Update ERP system for counters with necessary documents (offer/shipment/payment/novelties) on monthly basis

- Handle various shipping claim

- Monitoring Online site and update novelties or discontinued items

5. Budget

- Input data in budget file following Area Manager’s direction

Job Requirements (자격요건)

- Bachelor’s degree in Business administration preferred

- Over 2 years of experience in retail/Travel Retail industry

- Energetic, active, outgoing personality

- Capable of working autonomously

- Ability to multi task and support major projects in parallel 

- Excellent oral and written communication skills to build positive relation with retailers

- Detail oriented with excellent administrative skills