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ϼǴ NPIXEL ġ ִ Բ Ͻ ʴϴ.


We are seeking a highly motivated Strategy and Business Development Manager to join our Corporate Strategy Team. 

The ideal candidate will be responsible for identifying, developing, implementing, supporting, and managing various key corporate initiatives in IR, Business Development, etc.

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✔ Responsibility

- Gather and analyze market data in the gaming industry and adjacent markets to identify trends, gain business insights, and enhance the intelligence of the company

- Develop and implement corporate strategy (IR, Business Development/Partnership, etc.) initiatives, including creating narrative decks and memos, drafting and negotiating complex commercial and legal terms with counterparts, and developing and maintaining a financial model that considers all variables, etc.

- Drive and manage cross-functional projects or situational tasks as directed by CEOs; communicate with teams in product, legal, finance, business, marketing, etc.

- Work on the continuous improvement of tools and methods to help the team improve performance and efficiency

✔ Skill & Qualification

- 5+ years of experience in strategy, business development or game business sector

- Strong strategic thinking, analytical, and problem-solving skills, always striving for quality

- A high level of proficiency in creating narrive deck and complex financial modeling

- Exceptional communication and interpersonal skills, fostering positive relationships with internal and external stakeholders

- Ability to work independently and with a self-directed work ethic

- Ability to work as part of a team, fostering a highly aligned and collaborative environment

- Fluency in English


✔ Preferred Qualifications

- Experience in the game industry and passion for gaming is highly preferred

- Interest in the contents, IT and all gaming related industries.

- Fluency in additional languages (Chinese, etc.)




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