Job Description

The Product Manager  with the Sales team is accountable for achieving the Sales target and managing marketing expenses within budget. 

This position acts as the marketing professional, partnering with sales, distribution and medical team to focus on developing and driving the marketing strategy/plan, building professional relationship with national key customers/ KOLs as well as to make sure the quality and effectiveness of marketing programs, promotion events and branding activities. 

This position will also be responsible for new product planning and launch (if any) and prepare materials for product or marketing related training to the Sales team.

Main Responsibilities and Accountabilities

1. Accountable for achieving the Sales target and manging marketing expenses within budget.

2. Plan and develop multifaceted marketing strategy, plan, programs, promotion events and branding activities to increase market share and build up

   a strong corporate image & product awareness.

3. Build professional relationship with Key National Customers; Effectively organize and execute scientific and educational meetings, conferences and      promotion events to meet or exceed the expectations of key customers.

4. Responsible for the coordination of Project management and meeting minutes (internal only) Venue search & and quotation, and bidding. PO


     Logistic management for invited speakers and processing agreement/receipt for speaker fee preparation and management

5. Manage and update the inventory of marketing and product promotional materials and organize training for the Sales team on marketing strategy 

    and promotional materials.

6. Support the Salesforce & and maintain the sales master data update (e.g. account master, list price, and price book update in Salesforce)

    Work-related to managing sales in/to market data for each account, updating sales data for incentive payments, and collecting and managing data

    related to sales.

    Prepare sales quotations, contracts, and bidding and compose correspondence as necessary.

    Organize and maintain all electronic and paper files for the Sales Department

7. Shaping internal compliance guidance matching with KRPIA compliance for FCM and other events. Ensure proper booth/material management, 

    especially for the expiry date of promotional materials. Monitor booth carriage and invoice management​

    Monitor brochure and promotional material delivery Inventory management

8. Work with the program execution team to prepare and execute the logistics of various sales marketing initiatives. Ensure proper booth/material 

    management, especially for the expiry date of promotional materials. Monitor booth carriage and invoice management.

    Monitor brochure and promotional material delivery

9. Coordinate with the webmaster to maintain and update the content of the CSL Behring South Korea Website

10. Providing support for the finance process of MKT Sales A&P

     PR/PO management (including vendor creation, preferred vendor management etc)

     A&P tracking report

Job Requirements

- Education

 Bachelor’s degree in science is required, Medical or Pharmacy or Pharmacology degree is preferable.

- Experience

·Minimum of 3 years’ experience in marketing and sales, or related positions in multinational pharmaceutical companies

·Experience with rare diseases is preferred


·Excellent interpersonal, written and oral communication skills.

·Proficiency in both verbal and written English & Korean

·Strong and demonstrable facilitating and organization ability

·Self-motivated and self-started with a demonstrable passion and energy for marketing and sales

·Specific product knowledge

Guidelines for Applicants


    1차 서류전형

    2차 면접전형

   ·영문 이력서 (모두 제출) 및 자기소개서 (자유양식으로 준비)
   ·각종 증빙서류는 서류전형 합격자에 한하여 추후 제출
   ·당사는 채용 절차의 공정화에 관한 법률(이하 채용절차법) 에 의거하여, 채용 과정 중 업무와 무관한 일체의 개인정보를 묻거나 요구하지 않습니다.
    이력서 및 자기소개서에 주민등록번호, 결혼유무, 가족 사항 및 기타 채용절차법에서 수집을 금지하는 개인 정보의 기재를 금지하고 있습니다.
   ·서류전형은 합격자에 한해서만 개별 통지되는 점 양해 부탁 드립니다.


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 - 2년 계약직 향우 정규직 전환 보장


1. 국가보훈대상자와 신체장애인은 관련 서류 제출시 관계법에 따라 우대합니다.

2. 모든 서류는 반드시 MS Word 또는 PDF로 작성하여 제출해 주시기 바랍니다.

3. 입사지원서 내용에 허위사실이 판명될 경우 입사가 취소될 수 있습니다.

4. 서류전형 합격자 발표는 면접 대상자에 한하여 개별 통지합니다.

5. 문의사항은 E-mail로 연락 바랍니다.

6. 출입국 관리법에 의거하여, 취업비자 발급이 불가능한 외국인 지원자의 경우, 채용이 취소될 수 있습니다.