IBM Research Scientists are charting the future of Artificial Intelligence, creating breakthroughs in quantum computing, discovering how blockchain will reshape the enterprise, and much more. Join a team that is dedicated to applying science to some of today’s most complex challenges, whether it’s discovering a new way for doctors to help patients, teaming with environmentalists to clean up our waterways or enabling retailers to personalize customer service.

Your Role and Responsibilities
Your Role and Responsibilities

Come build the future of quantum with us. IBM’s full-stack approach delivers the best of IBM’s quantum computing systems together with the most complete suite of quantum software tools and cloud services. As a Qiskit community advocate with IBM Quantum, your job will be to build the global community of students, developers, and researchers who use Qiskit to learn quantum computation, develop quantum applications, and conduct quantum research.

Your role is to be part of community building initiatives in Korea, with a focus on growing our open source Qiskit user-base working in close collaboration with IBM Quantum researchers, developers, and our partners. In this role, you must have passion not only for technology but to explain it to a non-technical audience who are new to quantum computing.

Eligibility Requirements

* 근무기간
– 2024년 6월 17일 ~ 2024년 12월 13일까지 (6개월)
(채용비연계형 인턴으로 정규직 전환과 관련없는 체험형 인턴십’ 입니다.)

* 전형절차
– 1차 서류 심사
– 2차 실무/임원 면접
※ 서류전형 합격자에 한하여 개별적으로 면접 일정 안내
※ 내부 사정에 의해 전형의 순서나 일정이 변경될 수 있습니다.

■ 병역 및 기타사항
– 남성의 경우 군필자 또는 면제자에 한하며, 해외여행에 결격사유가 없는 경우 지원 가능합니다.
– 인턴십은 Full-Time 근무 가능한 자에 한해 지원 가능합니다.
– 입사지원서 및 채용 전형 과정에서 허위 사실이 발각될 경우는 입사가 취소될 수 있습니다.

Required Technical and Professional Expertise

Preferred Technical and Professional Expertise