30. Retail Manager [외국계 럭셔리]

모집부문 및 자격요건

모집 부문 담당 업무 자격요건 인원
Retail Manager

[담당 업무]

- Maximize sales, ensuring profits through a careful management of operating expenses, seamlessly executing all activities to achieve the targets.
- Share objectives with the Store Manager and ensure follow-ups proposing and implementing any corrective measures.
- Properly manage all local VICs, proposing the correct dedicated actions and develops the Clients portfolio in local stores.
- Be responsible for the implementation of all processes and procedures concerning product management (delivery, stockroom management, handling, etc.).
- Ensure an impeccable image inside and outside Stores, intervening in due time if necessary, liaising with competent Functions.
- Ensure a constant and effective information flow between Stores and other functions and in particular concerning products, sales, customers in order to promptly and effectively meet the needs of the market/customers and in particular towards the Retail Merchandising and Visual Merchandising Functions.

- Motivating and inspiring leader, you mentor your team by working closely with them and you set them up for success through succession planning and ensuring internal growth.
- You promote the cooperation and synergy between the Retail Operations Department, Retail Merchandising, Visual Merchandising and Communication teams, in order to convey univocal messages to stores and identify business development solutions.
- Ensure a constant dialogue among the Company, the Store Manager and the Store Staff, organizing and attending monthly and/or weekly “Store Manager meeting”.
- Make sure that the grooming standards decided by the HQ are communicated and respected.
- Cooperate with the Retail functions, the Communication and PR Department, in order to ensure the achievement of the sales target and the implementation of the agreed strategies.


- Leadership and team management

- Strong customer service mindset

- Business/Retail Management degree

- Very good knowledge of English language and local language

[자격 요건]

- 경력 사항: 경력(8년 이상)
- 학력 사항: 대학교(4년)졸업 이상

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