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Legal Assistant (Internship)

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Job Description

  Translation, drafting, and reviewing of business contracts related to domestic and international operations in English and Korean.

  Assisting with litigation matters, including but not limited to contacting plaintiffs and the court, submitting litigation-related documents, and appearing in court.

  Conducting research on new laws and regulations and assessing their implications for the company.

  Receiving and handling regulatory and court documents.

  Providing support for maintaining company qualifications.


Job Requirements

  A degree in Law or a related field, with a strong understanding of Korean law and regulations. Familiarity with other overseas laws and regulations is a plus.

  Proficiency in English, Chinese, and native-level Korean language skills. Fluency in at least one of these languages, preferably Chinese, is required.

  Experience in litigation matters or legal consulting, with a good understanding of legal principles and a business-oriented mindset.

  Excellent communication"">ä ȯ ȸ簡 δմϴ.

  ȸ ä ä ȮϷκ 14Ͽ 180ϱ ϸ, û ä ıմϴ.


and coordination skills, with the ability to effectively collaborate with various departments both locally and globally.

  Be entrepreneurial and proactive, taking initiative and demonstrating a proactive approach to work.

Expected Internship duration: 6 months - 9 months

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